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System Development & Resource Placement

One of the most important aspects in a company is that its workers produce more then they cost – this is a basic fundamental that is easy on paper. There are many factors in real life that can easily turn. Unfortunately many companies have to learn this by trial and error and it can be a very expensive experience.

Whether it be placement of a highly skilled and specialised resource, or the full outsourcing of an entire development project, HD IT can meet your needs.  At HD IT, we know and understand that you cannot compromise on quality when it comes to people.  We pride ourselves in our strict recruitment and placement methodology which incorporates a four area screening process (IQ, Aptitude, Personality, and Production).  Through this unique blend of skills and personality selection, HD IT continues to deliver at a level which compels our clients to refer us to others.



Managed IT Services

Your IT systems may be out of sight, but they should never be out of mind. Dysfunctional IT systems can cost your business dearly and do irreparable damage to your brand. HD IT offers a range of IT management services designed to help you avoid the financial burden and reputational damage brought about by system failure.

With HD IT’s proactive monitoring services, your whole IT system is placed under the care of our professional team. A fixed-cost offering, our Managed Services save you time and money by reducing downtime. Under the terms of our unlimited support agreement, your staff can contact HD IT to request assistance whenever they run into difficulty.

We work behind the scenes to keep your systems running smoothly. HD IT’s professionals are notified automatically of potential system issues at the earliest possible stage meaning that you can rest easy. With HD IT, your systems are constantly being monitored and your critical business information backed up.

Support & Maintenance

HD IT has earned a reputation for delivering the highest levels of IT service and support. Our service packages have been designed to give you ultimate flexibility, not saddle you with additional fees. With HD IT, you can pick and choose which particular maintenance tasks you need to outsource. Our support and maintenance packages help you manage costs, mitigate risks and foster greater efficiency.

Project Management

At HD IT, we understand what it is like to be in business. We’re in business too. We appreciate that overseeing the implementation of a complex IT system has the potential to take you away from your core business. That is where our Project Managers come in.

The HD IT Project Management team is staffed by a group of dedicated task masters who ensure that our installations are delivered on time, to budget and within scope each and every time. Our Project Managers are appropriately qualified and they work to the industry leading methodologies enshrined in PMPBOK and PRINCE2. And, as is the case with all HD IT staff, our Project Managers work in a friendly and professional manner that inspires trust and confidence.



Server and Desktop Support

In today’s climate of ever-changing systems and myriad risks, responsive server and desktop support is absolutely critical. It does not matter how ‘good’ a product is if it is not backed up by professional support. 

We thoroughly test our proposed solutions and offer a comprehensive walk-through prior to installation. However, no IT system can ever be deemed to be failsafe which is why we have established service and support protocols that result in no-to-minimal disruption should something not perform as expected. In short, we take a proactive approach to your IT system’s health.

HD IT boasts considerable experience working with server systems and complex environments. Our expertise in complex server systems has benefited numerous clients and has been recognised by other IT service providers who have called on HD IT to assist with difficult server jobs.

With HD IT, you can rest assured that a team of highly qualified service engineers and technicians are at your disposal to provide the server and desktop support you require to keep your business operating efficiently.




Hosted and Cloud Solutions

HD IT’s cloud solutions contribute real value to businesses. Cloud based solutions can simplify your IT environment, streamline your operations and deliver real cost savings. However, the trick is determining which components of your IT system to store in the cloud and which to keep locally. That is where HD IT’s expert system engineers come in.

At HD IT, we can advise you on what sort of cloud solution would be most appropriate for your business. The potential benefits of cloud-hosted apps are compelling. Fast site set-ups, reduced IT capital expenditure, minimized business risk, enhanced reliability and performance and the ability to access software from anywhere in the world are some of the reasons that many businesses are incorporating cloud-based solutions in their overall IT mix.


Server Virtualisation and Networking

Server Virtualisation

Having a large data centre and racks and racks of servers is an unavoidable reality for many businesses. However, many businesses are finding that they can streamline their data centres, reduce hardware and power costs and make the most of their existing hardware by implementing server virtualisation.

HD IT boasts considerable in-house expertise in this emerging field of IT. Put simply, server virtualisation allows for the creation of numerous ‘virtual’ servers on the one physical piece of hardware. This allows you to continue running different applications on separate servers thereby simplifying your storage processes.

Server virtualisation also provides flexibility. Whether you want to test a system or install a new piece of software, server virtualisation allows for the timely commissioning of a new server. Moreover, server virtualisation provides for a more reliable server environment and allows for simplified disaster recovery processes.

HD IT’s systems and support engineers are capable of assessing your server environment and recommending an appropriate solution that utilises current virtualisation technology.

Networking & Security

HD IT’s professional staff is equipped with the expertise and technical know-how to advise on a wide range of networking solutions. We can completely fit-out an office with new cabling and network equipment or upgrade and maintain your existing systems. From small offices to complex networks, HD IT is well equipped to handle all your networking needs. And as with all our services, we only propose a solution once a detailed and objective assessment of your needs has been completed.

Our independent approach flows through to our security offering. We eschew some of the more recognised names in the security space and only recommend products that we know, trust and have tested in-house. In an age when hackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to penetrate systems and networks, it is crucial that your business information is appropriately secured.